Rib Clean-up

Today I worked at cleaning up the remaining 10 ribs. I got 4 done but discovered that one was damaged so I’ll have to use a spare to make a new -02 rib.

Finishing the Rib Forming

I complete the rib forming today and moved on to the flanging. I managed to get all of the lightening holes flanged as well. I still have a little cleanup to do on the ribs. I noticed a few burrs that I didn’t get cleanup up earlier. In any case, I’m nearly done with the ribs. Wow!

Rib Forming

Over the last two days I’ve managed to get a total of 13 ribs formed. Now I only have 13 more to form. I added an extra bolt to my forming blocks to help keep the middle of the blocks together. I found that even clamped in my workmate the blocks didn’t seem to say together.

Add Fluting Notches To The Rib Forming Blocks

I started today by adding the fluting notches to my rib forming blocks. These were done using a rasp type bit in the drill press. I simply held the forming block at the appropriate angle and pushed it against the rasp bit. The finished notch works well.

Forming Rear Ribs

With the forming blocks ready to go I started to form the rear ribs. After clamping them between the forming blocks and putting the assembly into my workmate, its fairly easy to hammer over the flange. Working slowly so as not to stretch the aluminum too much I can almost get the flange completely formed before pushing material into the fluting notches. For the flutes I use a 1/2" drive socket extension and the same forming hammer. The flutes look very nice and the ribs come out almost flat.