Riveting the Right Wing

Today I worked on riveting the skins for the top of the right wing. In progressively installed clecos and pulled rivets until all were done. I left the last row at the wing tip as pulling the tip skin around seems to require a fair bit of force and I would rather wait until I rivet the other side. There was on rivet that when installed interfered with the angle at the tie down bracket. For this rivet, I used the manual puller and kept some pressure on the rivet so that it would be drawn in as I pulled.

Root Rib Installation

I installed the fasteners for the root ribs. I had to add washers to correct the grip length. The fasteners all seemed to long but the plans call for a washer on each side. I had to add a third washer to ensure that the nut would not expose more than three threads on each bolt.

Right Wing Access Cover Plate

Today I finished installing the nut plates for the right wing access cover. I think I have two final things to do before I can start riveting the wings skins. I need to install and torque the tie down eye and I need to up drill two holes for the root rib for AN3 fasteners. The plans call for 2 rivets and two bolts but I have decided to use 4 bolts.

Riveting Ribs

Today I am continuing with the riveting of the ribs. I finished up all of the rivets through the rear spar.