This is a catch all entry.

Back at the begining of December I started working on the vertical stabilizer. I cut out the remaining parts from the formed metal kit. Next it drilled the necessary holes and colecoed it all together. Finally, yesterday I rivited the assembly together to make the first real airplane looking assembly.

Main Spar Aft Strap

I finished cutting the strap to length then I marked the two slots. Using my bandsaw I cut out the two slots and then used a sanding drum in the drill press to clean up the ends of each slot. Next I used the vixen file to cleanup the slots. I sanded the slots using a piece of 220 grit aluminum oxide sandpaper wrapped around a 1/2 inch drive socket extension. I finished the part with scotch brite and then started to layout the pilot hole locations.

Main Spar Aft Strap

I took one of the strips that I had previouly ripped to width in my band saw as a starting point for this part. I cleaned up one side using the vixen file. My long straight edge was helpful in ensuring that the edge remained straight as I filed. After filing and sanding I setup the band saw and trimed the strip again to get closer to the 2-1/4" width. Next, I filed the other side of the part to get the final width. I squared up one end and then marked the cut for the finished length.

Forward Spar Fitting

Today I finished the sanding of the fitting. I trimmed the ends to length and then I formed the 35 degree angle. I used the traditional dowel and vise forming process. Have a look at the pictures to see what I mean. I think the part turned out pretty good. There was a little orange peel around the bend but a scotch brite pad cleaned that up nicely. I should mention that you have to overbend the part and then release it to get the correct angle.

Forward Attach Fitting

I check the large end of the fitting to see that it was appropriately square with the centerline and then proceeded to file and sand the sides of the part. The next step is to cutout the slot in the fitting.