Finishing the lower motor mounts

Back at it again for a fourth time today. I worked at the finishing of the motor mounts. I managed to get both of them almost complete. I just have the V notch on the top to finish and then, of course, the drilling. I think I may wait on the drilling until later but I’m not sure. I think a photo copy or a tracing would create a better template for the drilling rather than measuring but I’ll decide that later.

Lower Motor Mounts

Started to work on the lower motor mounts. I scaled the drawings to determine the dimensions and recorded them on a scrap of paper. I was then able to get on of the mounts to the rough cut stage using the band saw.

The Last Copy Of The Number 5 Former

I finally decided to add some additional flutes to the number 5 Former. I check the rivet locations and added to more recesses to my forming block. This time the former turned out great.