Elevator Push Rod Support Channels

I noticed while fitting the elevator push rod that it would be impossible to remove the push rod once the support channels were riveted in place. While removing it might be an unlikely requirement I just felt that it should be removable. After giving it some thought I realized that it might be possible to remove and install if I changed the front most vertical support to include a slot for installation purposes. This would facilitate later removal. The slot could be covered over with a single hole in a second piece of channel installed with removable fasteners from the back side. I thought about installing the entire channel with removable fasteners but these could be difficult to reach and the channel was already drilled for rivets.

I removed the channel and then installed the push rod. Next I marked the channel to the height of the slot. With the channel removed I drilled a series of holes in it and then cut out the slot. I filed and sanded the slot and the tested it out. It seemed to work well. Next I will need to make the removable piece with the single hole in it.