Elevator Push Rod

I removed the push Rod and marked it for drilling. I had to go back to the C03 drawing for the location of the holes. I marked the holes in C03-05 half and drilled them using my drill press. I setup a couple of 1×1 angles to assist with the alignment of the tube. After drilling the -05 half I inserted an aligned the -06 half. I then drilled half of one hole in the -06 half of the push rod.

The next thing I did was to reinstall the push Rod and use a cleco to through the single hole through both parts to verify the correct alignment. It turned out that I was off by about 1/8″. I removed the push rood and drilled a second hol in the -06 half. This time I was able to get full movement of the elevator. The control triangle was still very tight to the rivets on the spar tunnel.I decided that I could flatten some of these rivets a bit using my bucking block inside the tunnel and a hammer on the end of the rivets that were protruding.