Elevator Push Rod

Today I worked on the installation of the elevator push rod. I started by opening up the hole in the in the rear spar carry through channel. This was to allow more adjustability in the push rod. I was finding the with the stick full aft the push rod bellcrank would contact the channel. I opened the bottom of hole by about 3/16″.

Next I installed the push rode and tried to find a position that left a bit of clearance at each end of the stick movement fore and aft. I applied masking tape to the push rod and marked a position that was 3/4″from the overlapping point of the two parts of the push rod. Next I marked an alignment line on the top on bottom. This will allow me to line up the two parts outside of the fuselage when I drill the two holes through them to connect the two pieces.

I then found the remaining channels for the fuselage so that I could mark them for the push rod hole. When I got out the channels I discovered that I had previously put the holes in them.

I clecoed the channels in place in the fuselage and reinstalled the elevator push rod. The hole in the rear most channels seemed okay but the hole in the front channel appears to be too high. I think I will see if I can make a new front channel with the hole about 3/16” lower.

The next step will be to remove the push rod and drill the three holes required for the AN3 bolts to secure the to pieces together.