Fitting Glare Shield

I trimmed the glare .shield to allow for the new/revised shape to be fit above the instrument panel. Next I started work on the fuel tank stop angles. These will be longer and will include an upper stop as one flange will be extended to connect to the glare shield that is located above the instrument panel. I extended the 3/4 inch flange by another 3/4 inch to allow fastening to the second half of the glare shield. After bending two angles I refit the glare shield to the fuselage to determine where the angles needed to be positioned prior to drilling the rivet pilot holes. These will be flush rivets. Next, I cut and bent the top angle. I left a cutout in the top angle for the fuel sight gauge fitting. I will need to trim the corners of the top angle so it doesn’t interfere with the side angles. A trial fitting appears to indicate that I need to put the rivet holes 1/2 in from the edge of the shortened standard glare shield. This will put the hoes close to 1/4 inch from the bend in the stop angle which is the plans dimension but will also allow me to keep the rivets in alignment with the join between the two glare shield pieces allowing for a better look.