Assembling Aft Fuselage

Today I started to work on fitting the T12-05 angle to the rear of the fuselage. This is the first piece I will drill holes for that will start to fix the two fuselage sized relative two one another an start to minimize racking. In order to fit this part I started by installing the vertical stabilizer so that I could ensure that it is properly aligned to both the fuselage and the angle. Once I had the vertical stabilizer fastened to the rear channel on the fuselage I supported the front mounting plate of the stabilizer and centered the front of the stabilizer to the fuselage. I did this by clamping a straight edge to the front of the stabilizer mounting plate and measuring from the skin of the stabilizer to the edge of the fuselage. I found that the mounting plate was not exactly centered on the stabilizer so measuring from the skin seemed like a better idea. I hung the back of the fuselage off the edge of the bench and used a long drill bit to drill up from the bottom.