Right Wing Prep

I started this morning by continuing to dismantle the right wing so that I can start the final deburring process before riveting. After dismantling the right wing I used my soldering iron to cut through the protective coating along the rivet lines, then I removed the coating on the bottom skin along the rivet lines. Next, I’m going to cutout the access hole using a series of small drilled holes. After drilling the perimeter of the access hole, I used my tin snips to complete the access hole cutout and then grabbed my half round file and filed away all of the sharp edges. I deburred all of the holes on the bottom skin out side and also worked at sanding the edges. Tonight I finished deburring the edges an running scotchbrite over the holes to remove any final burrs. Next time I’ll remove the protective coating from the inside of the skin and finish the deburring.

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