Wing Spar Cleanup

It’s been a while since I worked on the plane. Work and family have taken there toll on my available time. Tonight I was back working on the wing spar. When drilling the rivet holes in the spar cap I nicked the edge of one of the web doublers near the root of the wing. I sent photos to Sonex and they advised simply cleaning up the nicks with sandpaper. They said the nicks would not cause any problem. This makes sense as they are outside of the rivet line. As long as there are no stress risers I would not expect a problem either. In order to clean up the nicks I decided to remove a few rivets. I figured they would probably get damaged anyways and sanding without them would be easier. I drilled out the heads and then punched the rivets out. This was pretty easy and quick. Next I used sand paper wrapped around a cut off tongue depressor to sand the edge of the doubler. I cleaned up three of the four nicks. I should be able to finish the last one in the next work session.