Wing Tip Angles

Today I continued working on installing the nut plates in the wing tip angles. One of the tricky tasks was to dimple the angles for the countersunk rivets and the countersunk screws I would be using. I have a hand squeezer and dimple dies but due to the sharp bend in the angles (approximately 45 degrees) the squeezer would not work. I decided to try using a regular c-clamp as a squeezer with the bottom die being the countersunk spacer and then use the top dimple die to push the counter sink down into the spacer. I removed the swivel from the threaded portion of the c-clamp and then removed the threaded piece from the c frame. Next, I used a long drill to drill out a 1/8 inch hole in the foot of the c-clamp. I kept the hole towards the outside of the c-clamp so that I would be able to get quite close the the bend in the angle. With the c-clamp modified I was able to start the dimpling operation. I used a small 1/4 inch socket as a spacer around the post of the dimple die so that I was exerting a force on the larger part of the die. This process worked well and I was also able to dimple the larger hole for the #6 screw. This dimple wasn’t really deep enough but installing the screw finished the dimple. I managed to get three angles almost complete. I have one nut plate to install in the third angle and then the last angle to finish. Tonight I finished the third angle and started on the last one.