Preparing Left Wing Spar for Assembly.

I spent some time using scotch-brite to clean up a few of the solid rivets. I had just touched the head of the rivets with the #40 drill bit when I was drilling through the flange of the spar. I used some masking tape with a hole punched in it to protect the area around the rivet head while I polished the heads with the scotch-brite. I ended up replacing one rivet in the end. Next i started to work on installing the ribs and up drilling the holes where the ribs are joined to the spar. I clecoed the aft ribs to the spar first and then up drilled a few of the holes. Then I removed the aft ribs and installed the leading edge ribs and up drilled the same holes. I then installed the copper clecos in the larger holes and up drilled the remaining holes. Lastly I swapped the ribs again so that I could finish off the rear ribs. After completing the holes in the main spar I clecoed the rear spar to the ribs and up drilled all of the holes to #30. The final step for this session was to cleco the lower wing skin to the left wing. I want to get all of the skins attached but without the root ribs so that I can put the wing doubler strip in place and drill it using the pilot holes in the doubler using the holes in the skins for a template.