Transfering Wing Skin Holes to Main Spar Caps

I transfered all of the #40 holes in the leading edge of the top rear wing skin into the top of the spar. With this done, I was ready to start fitting the leading edge wing skin. I slipped the leading edge skin under the rear skin at the top of the spar and proceeded to line things up left to right on the spar and front to back. I did all of this with the wing sitting horizontal on the bench resting on the bottom clecos and with the wing tip ribs hanging off the edge of the bench. With the skin fitted, I drilled the pilot holes along the spar using the holes previously drilled as a guide. After drilling the the pilot holes into the spar I started on the pilot holes in the ribs. When I completed the holes in the ribs I had my wife give me a hand flipping the wing over. I then used some cargo straps to pull the tip skin into place. With the leading edge skin in place I started to drill the pilot holes into the lower side of the tip ribs. I finished all of the holes except the ones into the spar on the bottom side of the wing.