Left Wing Rib Installation

I started today with a little cleanup then proceeded to work on the final straightening of all the left wing ribs. To straighten the tip ribs I used may seaming pliers and made sure that the flanges were at 90 degrees. Next, I used my fluting pliers to adjust the flues so that the ribs were straight. The final step was to mark the 1/4" centerline on the rips for the rivets. With all the ribs straightened I started to install the rear ribs. I drilled the top and bottom (outermost) pilot holes in each of the ribs as I installed them. Once all of the ribs had been installed I started to prepare the spacers. I marked the centre line on the 0.032 spacers and then drilled the pilot holes at the top and bottom of each spacer using the spar as a template. Next I marked the centre line on the 1/8 inch spacers. I installed the 1/8 spacers one at a time together with the ribs and then finished drilling the pilot holes.