Wing Spars

I started by studying the plans to be sure that I understood the stack of spar webs. Next I realized that I could use the 0.090 thick spar webs to layout and drill all of the pilot holes in the various angles that go at the inboard edge of the spar. My plan is to open up the alignment holes to 3/16" in order to ensure that the root wing attache assemblies and end wing wing attach assemblies can be lined up using the current 3/16" hole that is in the attach blocks. To get to this point I overlapped the two 0.090 web spars and clecoed them using the wing attach holes and the center alignment holes. Next I drilled out the remaining alignment holes to #30. My intent here was to ensure the the attach holes were aligned (using clecos) and then end up with exceptional alignment of the intermediate holes by up drilling both at the same time. Next I inserted copper clecos in the intermediate holes and proceeded to up drill each of the remain three holes to #30 one at a time. After drilling to #30 I moved on to 3/16 for the wing attach points only. This will serve to align the wing attach blocks. Next I used the 090 spar web to pilot drill the first of the angles at the inboard end.