I completed all of the pilot holes (#40) in the counterbalance assemblies and moved on to the drive rib assemblies. I also drilled all of the pilot holes in these assemblies. Next, went back to work on the aileron skin and cut out the notch for the drive rib assembly. After cutting out the notch I went back to work on the counter balance assemblies. I enlarged all of the holes to #30 then I proceeded to install the small channels that I made earlier. I would like to put the rivets in the channels from the outside but I don\’t know if there will be enough room. I may try a rivet or two to see if there is enough room for the rivets. A test of the rivets didn\’t work. I guess it\’s best just to follow the plans. I disassembled one of the counterbalance assemblies and deburred one half. Next, I riveted the half together. Tonight, I finished riveting the counter balance assemblies and the drive ribs.