Aileron Bellcrank Installation

I picked up my phenolic at aircraft spruce in Brantford this morning. Now I can complete the bellcrank installation. I had previously traced one of the phenolic spacers and I transferred this to the phenolic then cut it out on the bandsaw. It really stinks. Probably not to good to breath. I sanded the spacer on my bench sander. Next I marked the hole for the AN3 bolt that holds the clevis assembly together. After drilling the 3/16 hole for the bolt I then colecoed the clevis to a piece of hardwood to keep the parts in alignment while drilling the rest of the holes. Before drilling the 7/16 hole for the bushing I decided to drill a trial hole in a piece of 1/8 stock. I don\’t have a reamer so I wanted to be sure that the bushings would fit okay in a drilled hole. The drilling process didn\’t work very well. I managed to get to 27/64 before I ran into problems. I started the same process with the clevis and drilled up to 1/4 before stopping for this session