Made New Tip Ribs for Horizontal Stabilizer

<p>When I started trying to fit the fiberglass tips to the horizontal tail I quickly discovered that they were very hard to fit between the tip ribs and the skin. It seems that there really isn’t any designed in clearance in the plans. After several attempts I decided that the best approach would be to make new tips.</p> <p>Using my cad program I made up a new drawing for the tip rib that allowed for 1/16 of an inch between the skin and the rib. I made up a new forming block and hammered out two new tip ribs. I used the old ribs to locate the 6 holes in each for the spars. Since the new ribs were smaller than the old ribs they would nest with the old ribs and allow me to easily mark the holes for the spare rivets.</p> <p>After completing the new ribs the clearance was visible but the tips were still a snug fit. The next step will be to get the trailing ribs for the fiberglass tips made up and then to complete the fitting of the tips.</p>