Cable Attach Plate

<p>Today I worked on making the cable attach plate. This part has no dimensions and the plans say that you need to make it from the full size print. I a technique that I use for these types of parts.<p> <ol><li>Start with a piece of drafting paper. It is see through and makes good tracing paper.</li> <li>Place the drafting paper over the print and trace the part. I don’t usually tape the paper down but rather mark a couple of reference points so that I can relocate the paper if necessary.</li> <li>After tracing the part including any hole locations, I use a glue stick to glue the drafting paper to a piece of bristle board. I then cut out the bristle board and I have a cardboard template for the part.</li> <li>I use the template to trace the part onto the aluminum and then use a center punch to mark all of the holes.</li></ol> <p>Now the process is the same as making any other aluminum part.</p>