Elevator Root Ribs

<p><b>Two days in a row!</b></p> <p>Today I began to look at the elevator. I started by digging out the box containing my formed metal and locating the root ribs. I checked the overlap on the front for the skins to be sure that the overlap was sufficient to allow for the correct drilling and edge distances. They both looked good.</p> <p>After looking at all of the ribs I had previously made I discovered that the root ribs were made from 0.025 material instead of 0.032. I proceeded to make new root ribs. I had the original templates so it was fairly easy. I just traced out the ribs, drilled the relief holes, cut out the ribs, and cleaned up the edges using a file, sandpaper and scotchbrite. Next, I marked the bend lines and formed the ribs.</p> <p>The next time out I’ll need to start trimming the skins.</p>