More work on the parts for Elevator Horn Weldment

I bought a new band saw blade from a local vendor in the Brampton, ON area. They make blades to order ,so I purchased a 1/2" wide by 0.025" thick 14-16 variable pitch bi-metal blade. It seems to cut the 4130 plate fairly well but I’m having difficulting cutting tube. I think I’ll use a zip disk in a small angle grinder to cut the tube. My other thought for the tube is do put an abrasive disk in my power miter saw. In any case my bench sander works great to put the angle on the end of the tube. I cut out the two plates required for the elevator horn and I drilled the pilot holes in one. I also sanded the 20 degree angle into one end of a piece of tube. Working with the 4130 seems similar to working with the aluminum althought its a bit heavier and takes a little more force to get things cutting.