Made New Clamp Bars For The Bending Brake

Today I purchased a couple of lengths of 3/8" x 2-1/2" cold finished flat bar from the Metal Supermarket. I had one piece cut to 15" long and I had one piece 30" long. From the 30" long piece I cut a 2-1/2" long piece. Next I ground a 10 degree angle along one edge. I finished the edge with a file and then put a 1/8" radius on the edge. The 3/8" clamp bar replaces the 1/2" that came with the brake. This allows me to form tighter bends when they are in the same direction as required for the elevator ribs. I also made sure that I radius the top edge so that it would not dig into the first flange when forming two tight 90 degree flanges.