Rib Gussets

I finished the sanding and deburring of the rib gussets and then formed them using my bending brake. I started by using my scotch brite wheel to clean up the around the relief hole. Next I used a block sander with 220 grit aluminum oxide paper to sand all of the edges smooth and square. A coarse scotch brit pad was used to finish the edges and the surface. With the part ready to be formed I started to work on the bending brake. I created a template to gauge the edge of the clamp bar. It needs to have a 1/16" radius filed into it. I put the clamp bar in my vise and with a file, created the necessary edge. With the clamp bar prepared I was ready to form the gussets. I drew the tangent lines on the gussets for the first 16 and then after a little experimentation formed them with the brake. For the last 16 I only marked each end of the tangent lines.