Forming Nose Ribs

I worked at hammer forming the nose ribs today. I had tried the previously without much success. Today I tried again. The first rib had very small flutes and the flange was not very straight. I tried using my fluting plyers to straighten the flange resulting in marks on the flange. I don’t know if they will do any harm but I’d prefer not to use this rib. I also tried a flanging tool made with bearings for the lightening hole and this resulted in a rib that was even more bananna shaped. This rib will be scrapped. My second attempt was better but I still ended up with marks on the flange. I don’t plan to use the fluting plyers on the flange again other than for fluting. Today I enlarged the reliefs on the forming blocks and tried again. I used a 1/2" socket extension to hammer the flutes and then the fluting plyers on the flutes to help straighten the rib. This seems to work and I ended up with two good rib. I will scrap the first two but I only have to make one new one as I made an extra anyway.