Began working of first rib

Tonight I cutout the first rib (SNX-W15-05). I used a set of Andy Snips. These worked amazingly well. In the past I have use either left or right hand aviation snips and these would leave serations along the edges. This meant that I had to cut the blank a considerable amount oversize and then file it to size to remove the serations. The Andy Snips leave no serations to be cleaned up. A quick file and the cutout blank was ready to go. I drilled the two tooling holes and then setup my fly cutter. I am not happy with the pilot bit in the fly cutter. It seems to be off center slightly. I guess that’s what I get for buying the cutter at home depot. In anycase, the 3" lightening hole was easy to cut. I can now see why everyone else works in a batch mode. It makes sense to cut out the blanks then setup for the lightening holes and drill them all at once with the setup still in the drill. I plan to finish the current rib and then start working on a batch.